This grant, funded by The Polonsky Foundation, of up to £1000 for proposed academic research (preferably within Georgia) is open to Georgian scholars resident in Georgia. The research should focus on the history and culture of Jewish communities in Georgia and the Caucasus. Preference will be given to those in early to mid-career (ie. aged 25-45) and to applications with co-funding (in cash and/or in kind), to applications for less than the £1000 maximum and/or where costs are reduced by borrowing equipment rather than buying it. Those who have previously received a grant from FaRiG under this scheme may not apply.

Please fill in this form in English. Your research of course can be done in any language, but we would like publishable material in English upon completion. It should focus on a topic of Georgia’s unique culture and heritage which needs to be brought to the attention of a wider audience (ie. outside Georgia).

Application form

FaRiG is pleased to have awarded the following prizes...

Lasha Mdzeluri - the socio-cultural life and traditions of Georgian Jews in 1870-1890

Lasha Shakulashvili - Yiddish culture in Georgia 1910-1930s

Zezva Kavtaradze - a digital database of Georgian Jewry XV - XX Centuries.