This £1500 grant for proposed research (preferably within Georgia) is open to Georgian scholars. The research should focus on a topic of Georgia’s culture and heritage which needs to be brought to the attention of a wider audience (ie. outside Georgia).

The primary criteria for the grant are the quality and viability of the proposed research. In addition, preference will be given to those in mid-career (ie. aged 25-45), to applications with co-funding, to applications for less than the £1500 maximum and/or where costs are reduced by borrowing equipment rather than buying it, and to applications that promise to generate publishable outputs in English. Those who have previously received a grant from FaRiG under this scheme may not apply.

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FaRiG is pleased to have awarded the following grants...

Joint Winners

  • Ana Gabunia - Metal finger rings excavated in Georgian cemeteries (fifth to second centuries BC)
  • Lana Chogolauri - Late antique silver vessels from Georgia

Joint winners

  • Ekaterine Gedevanishvili - the military saints in Georgian mediaeval culture
  • Davit Gagoshidze - a survey of the archaeological sites of Dedoplis Mindori

Nikoloz Zhghenti - Satorge Monastery Complex in Kakheti

Ana Tetruashvili on grinding stones as a guide to early agricultural activities in Georgia.

Irina Koshoridze on Kilim weaving in Tusheti.

Natia Natsvlishvili, The architectural patronage of the Queen Mariam Dadiani (1599/1609-1682).

Ketevan Tatishvili on "Sacred Narrative in Illuminated Georgian Manuscripts"

Dimitri Jachvliani on Archaeological Survey in Upper Svaneti region in north-western Georgia to map archaeological sites.

Guliko Kvantidze on "Georgian National Clothes in the 18th-20th centuries".

January 2019: the PDF has been updated from the draft to the final version.

No award made.

FaRiG Research Grant

Nana Mzhavanadze on "Svan Music in the context of Ritual".

Payment of conference registration fees for Natia Khuluzauri and Nana Meparishvili in Rome and Rio de Janeiro.

FaRiG Research Grant

Natalia Chitishvili (The liturgical planning of medieval Georgian churches with a particular focus on the tradition of allotting special places for different ranks of clergy and laity)

Grant to Natia Mirotadze for attendance at the International Septuagint Summer School in Göttingen.

Grant to assist Nokalakevi excavations.

Grant to part-fund the Courtauld Institute studies of Mariam Kalkhitashvili.

Grant to enable Tbilisi State University to subscribe to JSTOR.

Grant to assist with Mariam Didebulidze's attendance at the Byzantine Studies Congress in Sofia.

Grant to assist Nokalakevi excavations.

Grant to part-fund the Courtauld Institute studies of Mariam Kalkhitashvili.

FaRiG Research Grant

Leri Tavadze (Georgian Secular Depiction between Sassanian and Byzantine Prototypes 4th-13th centuries).

FaRiG Research Grants

Nikoloz Murgulia (fortification system of the Lazikan (Egrisi) kingdom 4th-6th centuries).

Niko Chakunashvili on The Woman in the Western and Georgian Literature of the Middle Ages

Grants totalling £1350 towards the costs of nine Georgian scholars to attend the Pontika Colloquium in Krakow, Poland, 21-26 April 2008

Grant to assist with the expenses of the Nokalakevi 2008 excavations

FaRiG Research Grants

Irene Giviashvili - Town of Gori and its Vicinity: History and Cultural Heritage

Eka Kacharava - The political, religious and cultural history of the Alaverdi eparchy (diocese) in the Middle Ages

Rothschild FaRiG Research Grant to Dr Nino Chanishvili for a comparative study of nineteenth-century urban architecture in Baku, Sarajevo, Salonika and Tbilisi.

Grant of £1250 to Pichvnari Expedition towards procurement of vehicle

British Georgian Society contributed £500 to FaRiG: these funds were used to pay for a digital microscope adaptor for the state museum conservation laboratory at Nokalakevi.

Tbilisi Art nouveau calendar 1/10/07-31/12/08, with sponsorship from Bank of Georgia and Canargo Energy

Support for three scholars to attend the Patristics Conference in Oxford

Support to help one scholar attend the Byzantine studies symposium in Birmingham

Support for the Archaeological Expedition to Vani.

Research Grant to Dr Nino Kavtaria.

26th International Congress of Byzantine Studies

FaRiG was delighted to offer its sponsorship and backing to seven Georgian scholars who came to London in August for the International Congress of Byzantine Studies. This is a prestigious five-yearly gathering in which around 1,000 experts on all aspects of Byzantine civilisation come together to present papers and exchange ideas.

Research grants

Dr Marina Alexidze on C18 Georgian Literature
Dr Marina Bulia on C13 murals
Dr Tina Tseradze on a set of Gospels in Church of the Holy Sepulchre

David Khoshtaria's trip to Turkey (with help from Aurelius Charitable Trust)

Book prizes (£250)

Prof Grigol Beradze, Oriental Instutute
Dr Edisher Khoshtaria-Brosset, Institute of Manuscripts

Book prizes

Dr Ketevan Mikeladze, Institute of History of Georgian Art
Dr Mariam Didebulidze, Institute of History of Georgian Art
Dr Meri Karbelashvili, Institute of History of Georgian Art
Dr Maia Tsitsichvili, Institute of History of Georgian Art
Prof George Sanikidze

Book prizes

Prof Inga Lordkipanidze
Dr David Khoshtaria
Dr Gregory Giorgadze
Prof George Gomelauri

Dr Nana Kuprashvili and Dr Mzia Janjalia