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Edited by: Irene Giviashvili and Feyza Akder

Cultural Encounters in Anatolia in Medieval Period, Symposium Proceedings, 15 May 2014, Ankara


Edited by: Hubertus Jahn

This interdisciplinary volume explores various identities and their expressions in Georgia from the early 19th century to the present. It focuses on memory culture, the politics of history, and the relations between imperial and national traditions.


 The "Gates" at Dariali Gorge, set amid the spectacular mountain scenery of modern Georgia, was a place of legend. It features in a wider range of ancient and medieval sources than any other mountain pass, yet it has long been ignored by archaeologists. Eberhard Sauer, Lana Chologauri and Davit Naskidashvili reveal the secrets of this remote site that for so long remained shrouded in mystery.

Language, Private Love and Public Romance in Georgia

An anthropological study of stsorproba (parentally permitted love affairs between couples who are then forbidden to marry) among the Georgian Khevsurs.

University of Toronto Press (CA$26.95)
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building the future on a vibrant past.

"Due to its geographic location, Georgia has long been a natural crossroads for many powerful cultures. Nevertheless, the country has preserved its cultural identity, with an unwavering interest in the Western world ... it is our genuine belief that European nations will be our partners on the way to the West."

Read the complete discussion in
Georgia and the region's European aspirations
by David Lordkipanidze.

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Many of the authors of the publications have been recipients of FARIG grants: David Khoshtaria; Maka Bulia; Nikoloz Vacheishvili; Mariam Didebulidze; Mzia Janjalia; Inga Lordkipanidze.

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  • The Encyclopaedia Iranica is an excellent online resource with a very useful series of articles on Georgia. Naturally the emphasis is on Georgia’s role in the Iranian world.